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Screen Printing Images

Overview of Screen Printing

Screen printing (which used to be called silk screening) is the primary process for decorating blank clothing in bulk quantities. The following outlines the basic process used in all screen printing after the clothing is selected and the artwork is finalized:

  • Artwork Prepared - Art work is validated, color separated, and reference markings added.
  • Films Prepared - Positive films are printed for each color.
  • Screens Created - Films are exposed in a dark room onto light-sensative mesh screens (one for each color of ink). Each screen is washed out leaving the image areas open in the mesh.
  • Screens Set Up On Press - The mesh screens are carefully aligned onto a screen printing press and proper color ink is loaded onto each screen.
  • Ink Applied To Clothing - The clothing is loaded and ink is pressed onto the shirt through these mesh screens in the proper order to create the best image.
  • Flash Curing - Depending on the job, ink usually must be semi-cured to 220 degrees with a flash dryer so another layer of ink can be added over the top of it.
  • Final Heat Curing - The ink is then cured by running the item through a large conveyer dryer. When the ink is heated to around 320 degrees for several seconds, it is permanently bonded to the clothing.
  • Inspection and Folding - Each item is inspected, folded, and boxed.

Ink Types

The standard inks used in screen printing are plastisol inks and have a long record of good performance in garment printing. They are easy to match and cover the clothing very well. Newer inks and processes such as glitter inks and discharge printing provide additional effects but are harder to work with..

What Can We Print On?

We can print on almost any type of clothing (tee shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts, shorts, etc). We can also print on a number of other items such as duffel bags, back packs, cinch sacks, etc. Here are just some examples:

items to screen print

Minimum Order: 24 (per design)
Max # Ink Colors
Per Image:
Max Size
Per Image:
13" x 17" (men's sizes)
11" x 16" (women's fitted and youth sizes)
4" x 14" (sleeve prints)
Production Time: 10 business days is typical after artwork approved. Rush is available for an extra fee.

Get a Quote

Send us an email to mojoprinting@gmail.com with the details of what you need. Include as much information as you have about your project, including:

  • Your logo (in vector format, or the highest resolution image you have)
  • Any text you want printed and the font name if you have a preference
  • The garment type, quantity and colors you would like printed
  • The location(s) and estimated size of images you'd like printed (i.e. I'd like logo1 small on the front left, and logo2 about 9" wide on the back)
  • The date you must have the product by
  • Whether you can pick up the order locally in Utah or where it must be shipped to

Art Work

For best results, a high quality vector or high resolution (300dpi+) raster image is required.

We accept the following file types of files: .PSD, .AI, .JPEG, .EPS, .PDF, .TIFF. screen printing file types

Vector graphics such as .AI or .EPS that have been created properly are preferred because they will scale to any size without losing detail. If you must provide a raster image such as .JPG or .TIFF, it should be at least 300 dpi at the size you need the artwork to appear on the clothing. Lower quality images can sometimes be used as-is depending on the design but may appear unclear or jagged in the print.

We always have a graphic artist on staff if you require help with your artwork. See our Graphic Design page for more information.